SVK fibre cement façade panels are natural products made from fibres, cement and water, with or without a colourful coating.


SVK supplies fibre cement façade panels in every colour imaginable, not to mention with a wide range of possible finishes. Almost all RAL colours can be supplied, in small quantities, especially for the renovation market.


Covering an area of 140 hectares, with 275 employees and a close-knit distribution network via professional builders, Belgian quality is present in SVK’s every fibre.

Over 110 years of building know-how

SVK has been in Sint-Niklaas since 1905, excavating clay and making high quality bricks. It is now a global player when it comes to fibre cement façade panels. SVK is a family business, focusing on product development and design, and leading the way in new developments related to sustainability, colour and finish, as well as energy efficiency.


On 8 August 1905 Léon Scheerders and his wife Camilla van Kerchove set up their company “Pannen en Steenbakkerijen van Sint-Nicolaas” (Tiles and Brickyards), manufacturing and trading stones, tiles, paving stones and pipes.


The company started off with just 4 hectares, but soon expanded onto nearby land and fields, over an area of 140 hectares. It was not until 1923 that the company began producing its range of fibre cement products.


In 1928 the company name changed to “naamloze vennootschap Scheerders van Kerchove’s Verenigde Fabrieken” (United Factories of Scheerders van Kerchove), or SVK nv for short.


Hardly a year after its foundation in 1905, work began on excavating the first clay pit. The stone factory was one of the first to use a Hoffman round brick kiln. 1939 was the year in which the production of bricks began.


Since the founding of their fibre cement façade panel division, SVK has created a wave of innovative and unknown new varieties for use in cladding. This sustainable material is also clearly a blessing for architects, among others.


In 1979 it founded its architectonic decorative concrete division. With its evolution over the years the focus now lies on larger projects. Top architecture is combined with a careful eye for the decoration, without losing sight of technical functionality.


During the 90s SVK launched a new production line for fibre cement materials. This material was already demonstrated to be very fire retardant and easy to maintain. That is why SVK chose to develop this particular line.


Time for innovation. The new and hi-tech finishing line for fibre cement slates was set up at this time. These slates were treated to prevent moss formation and were easy to handle. They also complemented SVK’s range of fibre cement façade panels.


Following the foundation of its new architectonic decorative concrete division in 1979, SVK invested in a new concrete plant in 2010. With its infinite range of colours and shapes, SVK is a pioneer in the world of concrete.


Several decades later, SVK is expanding its fibre cement façade panel division with a state-of-the-art sawing machine. SVK is also installing a new lab, in order to continue its innovation, and to apply and test out the latest technologies right away.


In 2016 a major investment was made in a new finishing line for façade panels. In partnership with Heliatek in Munich, SVK also won the prize for the best product development with its integration of supple solar panels.


The partnership with Heliatek will be continued in 2017, with the completion of two pilot projects, one in Brussels and one in Munich. SVK is delighted to be involved in these challenging projects.

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SVK movie channel

Pictures speak louder than words. Find out more about SVK in the following 30-second films and then plan in a visit to our factory. The following films were taken at our production site in Sint-Niklaas covering an area of 140 hectares.