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Fibre cement WALL for students from Leuven

29-03-2018 BY Anouk News

Fibre cement WALL for students from Leuven

A touch of cement for architecture students’ project week

SVK is going to install a fibre cement wall during the Leuven architecture students’ project week. Every year, during the month of March, the student organisation Existenz organises a laboratory project week. This year, it will be held in Leuven’s former Uni-Dent dental laboratory.


The SVK fibre cement wall is standing on display in one of the demo areas. The aim is for students to take some chalk and spend the week covering the whole wall with creative ideas and designs. And thus bring the wall to life as it were.


In doing so, the main aim is for fibre cement façade panels to be presented in an experimental and creative manner. The students’ specific request was to have an interactive wall, giving room for arguments for and against and acting as a sounding board for design. Discover the result on this page.


The wall consists of unprocessed and uncoated fibre cement panels. The pure & most natural fibre cement material. This type of panel was chosen due to the specific request to cover the wall with chalk. A polished Puro Plus façade panel would indeed be too smooth to write upon in chalk.


Throughout the Existenz laboratory project week, the students will be organising their own architectural workshops and activities. These include a quiz, a barbecue and folk dancing. Besides the activities you can also pop in to the Existenz café for a tasty snack or drink.


Each year a search is conducted to find a new and unique location in Leuven. A location that can be fully furnished by the students themselves. This year it’s the turn of the former Uni-Dent dental laboratory in the old St. Pieter’s hospital. In the past this was where the implants and dentures were developed. The building will once again be brought back to life and serve as a practice.


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