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Perforated façade panels with a unique look, for both inside and out

29-03-2018 BY Anouk Inspiration

Perforated façade panels with a unique look, for both inside and out

This spring, SVK is launching the perforated Puro Plus façade panel. A perforated façade panel is a panel that features special channels in the panel material. This allows you to create unique shapes whereby specific angles of light can be created.

SVK’s perforated Puro Plus façade panel guarantees a unique look for every home. The panels are made of fibre cement and are perforated with various motifs of your choice. This means that you can choose for yourself exactly how your façade will look and whether you wish to continue this style inside with a wall panel or even a sun screening panel on your patio. We can work together to create your own motif. You do need to take into account that there will always be rounded corners in the design.


SVK façade panels are not only suitable for renovating your façade but are also an original way to involve your sun screens. Is your rear façade predominantly made of glass and do you find that this fails to give sufficient privacy or lets in too much sun? Then cover part of it with the Puro plus façade and give your rear façade a unique appearance that will impress the neighbours.

The bar at the Batibouw fair trade in Brussels is covered with perforated panels. LED lighting has been installed behind the bar in order to enhance the effect.

Ask here about the opportunities for your own design and we will look together at what can be achieved.


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