Colormat Scripto, Baarn - The Netherlands

The apartment complex in Baarn has 33 rental apartments intended for first-time buyers. All homes have an identical layout (bay dimension 6.9 m) with an internal balcony. The design is such to allow two small apartments to be joined quite easily in the future to make one larger one.

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Product group Façade panel

Product type Colormat Scripto

Project type Residential

Construction year 2017

Main colour S412 Champagne

Address Baarn - The Netherlands

Architect Groenesteijn


This reference has Colormat Scripto as its main product

The Colormat Scripto Champagne façade panel has a deeply sanded surface that looks both soft and fresh. The whole concept is brought to life by the colourful doors. The design aims to attract young first-time buyers.

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