Colormat Classic H402 Slate, Chaudfontaine, Belgium

The luxury hotel with Roman baths, Château des Thermes, near Chaudfontaine, is to receive a fibre cement ceiling finish from SVK. The hotel has added a whole new floor on its existing complex. Its owner, Gilbert Lodomez, wants to be able to offer his guests the ultimate luxury hotel experience as a result.

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Product group Façade panel

Product type Colormat Classic

Project type Residential

Construction year 2018

Main colour Colormat Classic H402 Slate

Address Chaudfontaine, Belgium

Architect Monsieur Conradt


This reference has Colormat Classic as its main product

The Colormat Classic façade panel from SVK was chosen as the ceiling finish for the spacious terraces. The H402 Slate shade of grey was specifically chosen for this. This body-tinted façade panel proved to be the perfect choice for the architect, Monsieur Conradt, given its charming integration with the existing building as well as its surroundings.

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