Ornimat, Vorst-Laakdal, Belgium

The apartment complex ’t Dorp in Laakdal is a new-build residence with 12 apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms. The complex is on walking distance of the center of Vorst-Laakdal. This location is the ideal spot for a good connection with the E313 highway.

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Product group Façade panel

Product type Ornimat

Project type Residential

Construction year 2016

Main colour EST02 Seashell

Address Vorst-Laakdal, Belgium


This reference has Ornimat as its main product

The apartment complex is partly finished with the Ornimat facade panel. Thereby is opted for the soft white seashell color (EST02) of the Ornimat range. The combination with a grey façade brick makes this project very modern and stylish.

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