Colormat Classic, Voorhout - The Netherlands

In the new Hooghkamer district on the west side of Voorhout, an apartment complex has been created in the central park zone. The complex features 105 apartments, including 73 social rented homes for the housing corporation STEK, 32 homes for purchase and a commercial zone measuring 600m². The building is largely covered with the Colormat Classic façade panels from SVK. These SVK façade panels are combined with stepped brickwork. The combination of four different Colormat colours results in a light and colourful look.

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Product group Façade panel

Product type Colormat Classic

Project type Residential

Construction year 2016

Main colour Colormat classic H401 Jasmine, H402 Slate , H403 Storm, H411 Raspberry

Address Voorhout - The Netherlands

Architect Faro architecten


This reference has Colormat Classic as its main product

In this reference, four different colours in the Colormat Classic range were used. The standard colours H401 Jasmine, H402 Slate, H403 Storm were combined with the project colour H11 Raspberry. The result is a light and colourful effect.

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