Colormat Scripto, Lelystad, The Netherlands

The office building “De Veste” in Lelystad has been transformed into private building “De Veste”. The building has 22 luxury apartments. These apartments are all around 50-55 square meters. That’s why the apartments are very interesting for seniors, singles and starters.

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More information about the reference is available below.

Product group Façade panel

Product type Colormat Scripto

Project type Residential

Construction year 2017

Main colour S404 Charcoal

Address Lelystad, The Netherlands

Architect George van Luit te Krommenie


This reference has Colormat Scripto as its main product

The terraces, jetties and parts of the façade of the residence were finished with the Colormat Scripto S404 Charcoal panel. Through this panel there is a beautiful contrast with the white façade bricks. The Colormat Scripto Charcoal panel has a deeply sanded surface with a trendy look.

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