Puro Plus, Hoorn, Netherlands

The side façade at the entrance to Westfriesgasthuis hospital in Hoorn has been renovated using the SVK Puro Plus façade panel. Architects' office de Jong Gortemaker Algra, were given the task of giving this provisional façade a friendly and lively look. They certainly succeeded in their mission by combining the Puro Plus façade panel with floral artwork by Tijs Rooijakkers.

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Product group Façade panel

Product type Puro Plus

Project type Public

Construction year 2017

Main colour Natural grey

Address Hoorn, Netherlands

Architect Architectenbureau de Jong Gortemaker Algra


This reference has Puro Plus as its main product

The Puro Plus façade panel is a natural fibre cement façade panel. A coated surface always has the same appearance. The Puro Plus façade panel on the other hand creates a typical, natural play of shades of grey under the influence of changing weather conditions. The sanding effect also makes every panel unique. As a material, it is also just as discernible as concrete, for example.

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