Decoboard Pure

Decoboard Pure has a natural stone look and is finished with a transparent or semi-transparent coating. The Decoboard Classic facade panel has a polished appearance and an extremely smooth finish on the visible side. The edges ar e not coated in the same colour. The visible side is finished with a crylic paint, the rear side with a water-based coating.

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Decoboard Pure

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Natural stone look

A facade panel with the look of natural stone but with the benefits of fibre cement. The soft cloudy pattern gives this panel a very unique look. Above all available in 3 colour shades.

transparent or semitransparent water-based coating, for a glossy appearance

The visible side of the Decoboard Pure facade panel has a smooth, transparent finish. By coating the visible side, the panel gets a polished appearance with a constant look. No natural weather influences the look of the panel.

Easy maintenance and optimum quality

The Decoboard Pure façade panels only require limited maintenance. Ornimat facade panels require little maintenance. Clean water or water with a neutral all-purpose cleaner are all that are required to freshen up the facade panels. SVK lets the Decoboard Pure façade panels, produced with the very best raw materials, harden naturally in drying rooms. This gradual drying process helps to create a particularly strong and stable panel.


Decoboard Pure façade panels complies with the prescriptions of European Standard EN 12467:2004 "Fibre-cement flat panels - Product specification and test methods" and with the requirements of "het Besluit Bodemkwaliteit" (Netherlands). There is a CE label with the relevant quality criteria on every package.


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Technical information

Dimensions (squared) Dimensions (unsquared) Physical properties (EN12467) Bending strength (EN 12467) Fire performance (EN 13501-1)
Length x width: 3070 x 1220 mm 2520 x 1220 mm Thickness: 8 mm Length x width: 3085 x 1235 mm 2535 x 1235 mm Thickness: 8 mm Volume weight (oven dried) 1700 kg/m³ Weight per m²: ± 14.6 kg Class: 5 Class: A2-s1, d0