Puro Plus

The Puro Plus façade panel is available in two standard sizes and is solution-dyed in natural grey. Also its surface is lightly sanded to reflect nature’s activity. The air-dried Puro Plus fibre cement façade panels are therefore not given a coating, allowing variable weather conditions to create an effect of typical and natural shades of grey. Ideal for a façade with verve!

Colours can vary slightly compared to the photo

Puro Plus

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Natural appearance

Puro Plus air-dried façade panels are lightly sanded (no coating). They exude the purity of smooth concrete, but vary according to the changing weather conditions.

Purely ecological

Puro Plus façade panels are exclusively composed of natural raw materials and are thus 100% ecological. Furthermore, the air-hardened drying process is environmentally friendly, as is the finish. After all, the panel on view is just lightly sanded.

Optimal quality

SVK lets the Puro Plus façade panels, made only from the very best raw materials, harden naturally in drying rooms. This gradual drying process helps to create a particularly strong and stable panel.


Puro Plus conforms to the requirements of European standard EN 12467:2004 ‘Fibre-cement flat sheets – Product specification and test methods’. Puro Plus façade panels also conform to the European technical specification ETA 14/0284 and to the requirements of the Soil Quality Decree (Netherlands).


SVK gives a 10-year warranty on the durability of the material. SVK gives a 10-year warranty on the durability of the material, provided the façade panels are installed and stored professionally and according to the conditions of SVK.

Technical information

Dimensions (squared) Dimensions (unsquared) Physical properties (EN12467) Bending strength (EN 12467) Fire performance (EN 13501-1)
Length x width: 3070 x 1220 mm 2520 x 1220 mm Thickness: 8 mm Length x width: 3085 x 1235 mm 2535 x 1235 mm Thickness: 8 mm Volume weight (oven dried) 1700 kg/m³ Weight per m²: ± 14.6 kg Class: 5 Class: A2-s1, d0