Solar Film

Solar Film is one of SVK’s latest products. This new product applies to Puro Plus, Ornimat and Decoboard. The fibre cement façade panels are fitted with photovoltaic cells. This new technology also allows you to generate energy using your façade. Façade panels featuring the cells are also given a contemporary and trendy look. Take a look at all the possibilities of Solar Film fibre cement façade panels with our experts.

Innovative concept

This product is SVK’s latest innovation. An ultra thin film featuring photovoltaic cells can now be attached to the façade panels Puro Plus, Decoboard, Ornimat and Colormat.

Purely ecological

Solar Film is an ecological product in which no heavy or precious metals feature in the production process and finished product. The amount of energy used in production is particularly limited. Furthermore, Solar Film is easy to recycle when it reaches the end of its life.


Our latest product Solar Film is an extremely flexible product and can be applied to the entire range. The film is particularly thin and flexible.

Technical information

Dimensions Physical properties Temperatures
Length x width: Variable
Thickness: 1mm
Weight per m²: ± 0.8 kg Ambient temperature:
-40 °C to 45 °C